Naked Bus New Zealand Offers A Large Variety of Tours

Travelling the whole New Zealand is possible by land through buses. With many bus companies offering routes around the whole country, locals and tourists can get anywhere they wish to. While different bus companies offer different services, Naked Bus has their own unique promos and services.

The Naked Passport

Naked Bus features a Naked Passport that can be made flexible depending on the passenger’s preferences. They may choose which destinations in New Zealand they want to go to and the number of days they wish to travel. Getting a Naked Passport can be accomplished by these 4 easy steps:

  • Choose the passport you want

The company offers trips 3, 5, 10, or 20 trips to different tourists spots. All possible passport options as well sample journeys can be viewed on their website.

  • Book the passport

People can purchase the passport 12 month prior to the trip itself allowing them to choose which dates to travel. Buying it ahead of time also gives them the chance to get tickets at a cheaper price.

  • Manage the e-passport

Once a trip is chosen and has been bought, passengers get a confirmation email so they can manage their passport trips from anywhere in New Zealand on the Naked Bus website.

  • Get on the bus!

Everything up to this point is done online. The only time passengers will go out is when it is finally the day of their trip.

Sleeper Bus

Available only between Auckland and Wellington, the sleeper bus is Naked Bus’ unique service. Travelling from Auckland to the capital of New Zealand will definitely take several hours enough for a full cycle of sleep.

Boarding on the sleeper bus provides its passengers with a sleeper bunk which includes a pillow, Wi-Fi, charging ports, and reading lights. The bus is air-conditioned and has an on-board toilet. Naked Bus recommends their passengers to bring a sleeping bag and a pillow case when riding the sleeper bus.