Mana Bus Timetable Makes Booking Tickets Easier

Mana Bus has provided the locals of New Zealand the most modern bus experience. Their buses provide charging ports, free Wi-Fi, and have reclining seats. It has air conditioning and a built-in toilet. To top it all off, people choose to ride Mana Bus because of their cheap tickets. They even offer a promo of getting tickets under $10 ($1 fare fee plus booking fee) for some destinations. Heading over to their website, Mana Bus provides a quick navigation between dates for the people’s convenience.

People only need to select the number of passengers, where they will be travelling from, where they wish to go to, the date of the trip including an optional return trip, and promo code if applicable. Once selected the page will display its search results matching the requirements set.

While on the search results, Mana Bus gives a time limit for each step of the booking process before their possible reservation is released. This is due to the high demand of the low ticket prices. In effect, failing to reserve may change the prices of the same tickets to a higher price. This is to keep things fair between the many passengers wanting to avail of their $1 fare fee promo.

Mana Bus’ timetable shows details of the trip including date and time of departure and arrival. It also displays the duration of the whole trip, the kind of bus whether it is the regular Mana Bus or the Sleeper Bus, and of course, the price. The cheapest ticket is placed on top of the list.

Once a trip is chosen, people will be redirected to possible add-ons to the trip such as baggage and the contact information of the customer and their desired payment method. An email will be sent where the customer can confirm the booking. For more specific requests for their trip, customers may opt to contact Mana Bus.