Kiwi Experience Buses: Travel Like a Local in New Zealand

Kiwis mean two things in New Zealand. It is how people of New Zealand are called and because this flightless bird is also the national symbol of the country. Although it may sound offensive and racist when used internationally, Kiwis (the people) take no offense and rather take pride in it as a proud citizen of the country.

Kiwis are great people and that inspired bus company, Kiwi Experience, to call themselves the same. As Kiwis are also known as great travelers, Kiwi Experience’s buses aim to prove the same.

Flexible Guided Travel

Kiwi Experience’s best service is their Flexible Guided Travel. Their travels adapt almost fully to their passengers enabling them hop on or hop off the bus when they want to. No time limit is given during bus stops as well. The passengers may even choose which kind of adventure they want whether to experience the adrenaline rush and risk taking moments or to just enjoy the party night life or simply a quiet night.

The Kiwi Experience bus routes are essentially composed of 2 base passes called Funky Chicken and Sheepdog (which are code names for their bus routes which can be viewed on their website). Passengers may add more passes to travel to more tourist spots around the country.

Travelling the whole country would obviously take several days. That said, Kiwi Experience guarantees a one-night accommodation in every stop they take.

When choosing to travel with Kiwi Experience, passengers will definitely meet and make new friends throughout their journey. After all, everyone on the bus are travelers wanting to see more of the beautiful country. What better way to explore than with friends and like-minded people?

These tickets can be bought up to 12 months prior to travelling to take advantage of the company’s price offers. Some of their National Bus Passes even offer unlimited travels so people can travel around New Zealand as much as they want to.