Hamilton Buses Also Available Around the Waikato Area

Hamilton has been one of the destinations of many tourists and locals from different parts of New Zealand. The diversity of cultures present in Hamilton is what attracts many people to keep coming back. As a backpack traveler, it may be hard to travel around the area without a private car. Thankfully, there are different buses available to get travelers moving around Hamilton and even to the greater Waikato.

Minibus Express

Although the services of Minibus Express focuses on bringing their passengers to and from the Hamilton Airport, passengers may opt to choose different destinations. People may charter a bus from the company for their personal needs and they will take them there anytime and anywhere with reasonable rates. Their vehicles can support up to 18 passengers. People looking to charter a bus from their company may call them and will be given a quote based on the details of the service they wish to avail.

Super Shuttle

With their mobile app now available, Super Shuttle provides arguably the most efficient airport shuttle bus service. Serving different airports including Hamilton, their shuttles are inexpensive while saving the environment by sharing rides with other people. With people getting off at different places, there will be a few stops but these stops will be along the way. Exclusive rides for groups and companies are also available.

Leisure Time Tours

The services provided by Leisure Time Tours is the perfect option for large groups. Their service can be as simple as bringing the group to their destination from the Hamilton airport to as complex as hiring them for multiple days to different destinations. Depending on the group, the company can provide a suggested itinerary suit both the group’s wants and budget. Their service goes even beyond Hamilton including the greater Waikato region and can be made on request.