Bus to Wellington: List of Transport Providers Available

A capital of any city is the most important city for numerous reasons. As the capital of New Zealand, Wellington has been a popular destination for the majority of the people of New Zealand. Being so, the majority of the bus providers as well have provided routes to the capital city. However, before going to the busiest place in the country, some bus companies provide a fun adventure while on the way to Wellington.

InterCity Buses

When booked months before the trip, InterCity buses may be the cheapest way to get to Wellington. People can get tickets under $10 due to their $1 fare fee promo depending if there are still seats available with the promo. Living up to their name, their network of routes allow passengers to choose the most convenient for them. People from the south island can also avail of their bus and ferry combo service to get to Wellington.

Mana Bus

Mana Bus has provided bus transport for many people coming from other cities and towns with their popular routes to Wellington being from Auckland, Taupo, and Rotorua. The full list of routes to Wellington from different places can be viewed on their website. Their buses which are all modern usually feature charging ports, Wi-Fi, reclining seats, and on-board toilets.

Naked Bus

Naked Bus features a Naked Passport that can be made flexible depending on the passenger’s preferences. They may choose which destinations in New Zealand they want to go to, of course including Wellington, and the number of days they wish to travel depending on which places they want to pass by. Their Naked Passport can be done and managed all online for the customer’s convenience.

These are only some of the preferred bus transport companies that many people take. Other options may be viewed through different websites that automatically search for bus providers depending on the destination.