Auckland To Tauranga: List of Buses Available for Everyone

Auckland is one of the major cities in New Zealand and being so, many tourists and locals would have passed by here. Tauranga on the other hand has the biggest population on the Bay of Plenty. With these two big cities, it is uncommon for many travelers to move from Auckland to Tauranga. While there are many ways of getting there, buses would be most efficient for commuters with the travel taking at least four hours.

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ManaBus has various offers for travels from Auckland to Tauranga and everything in between. For tickets only less than $10, this bus service gives the bang for the buck while enjoying the many beautiful spots before reaching Tauranga. People may go to Mount Manganui and even watch the sunrise on top of Mauao. Although they offer as much as 10,000 seats for the $10 ticket, people may want to book in advance to ensure them a seat.

InterCity Buses

InterCity is one of the more popular bus provider companies in New Zealand. They feature a cheap $1 fare plus booking fee for those who get the ticket in advance as seats with this cheap fare are limited. The buses depart from Auckland Central and arrive at Wharf St near the Tauranga Library. The route passes by Manukau City, Thames, Paeroa, and Waihi and allow its passengers to check these places out depending on the ticket they bought.

Luxury Shuttle services

For those with the budget and are coming from the Auckland airport, they may opt to choose shuttle services. They have Coach Charter Services and their routes can be based on what the passenger wants. The company offers different bus coaches depending on the number of passengers from 19 to 53 people. The rides can be availed at anytime of the day whether as a day trip, overnight stays or just extended tours.