Auckland To Queenstown: Buses Available for Everyone

Moving from the iconic Sky Towers with bars and cafes of Auckland, to the adventure sports and mining towns of Queenstown is one possible itinerary for tourists while moving north to south. Although there are not many options that provide a straight route, Stray Travel does so in different packages.

Stray Travel Bus Tours

Stray Traval offers their iconic orange buses to travel from Auckland to Queenstown. Nearly all their tour packages inlcude Queenstown and can even go beyond or return back to Auckland passing by different destinations. Here are some of their recommended passes and tours.

  • Short Moe Pass

Starting from Auckland to Christchurch, the Short Moe Pass includes hopping off in Queenstown. This includes the bus transport, a driver guide, and reserved accommodation for every overnight stop.

  • Maximum Pass

Stray offers the Maximum Pass to people who wish to experience the whole New Zealand. The tour passes by almost the whole travel network of Stray Travel. (People who want to do all can check the Everywhere Pass on their website.) The travel route of Maximum Pass is a loop allowing their passengers to start and finish wherever they want which definitely includes Auckland to Queenstown.

  • Dave Pass

For those who want to focus on the south island but want to end in Auckland for their flight or for whatever reason, the Dave Pass is the perfect tour for them. Although it starts from Christchurch, it passes by Queenstown. Passengers get to travel on Stray’s express from Wellington to Auckland.

Note, however, the cost of the accommodation itself on any of the passes, as well as the activities done off the bus are not part of the package. Passengers can include this via their driver. Otherwise, they can get it ahead with their Stray Journey tours list posted on their website.