Affordable Bus Services Available from Auckland to Hamilton

Moving from the busy city of Auckland to the relaxing parks and gardens of Hamilton is one popular trip many people would take. Hamilton showcases different cultures around the world from the Italian Renaissance to Japanese styles. It would come as no surprise for people who want to catch a glimpse of other countries while still being in New Zealand by heading down to Hamilton. Fortunately, people can do just that by merely getting on a bus.


ManaBus has provided the most modern buses in New Zealand. Their buses feature free charging ports, Wi-Fi, and reclining seats. The whole bus is air conditioned and has an on-board toilet. While they offer different routes to different destinations, their Auckland to Hamilton route is listed as one of their most popular routes. ManaBus also provides extra care and assistance to those with disabilities.

InterCity Buses

To those on a budget and have a lot of time before going on their trip to Hamilton, they may choose to ride InterCity. The company offers fare fees for as low as $1. However, these tickets may quickly run out and it is suggested to book the ticket months before to avail of the promo. The route starts from their main terminal in Hobson Street and arrives at Platforms A to D at the Hamilton Transport Center. The whole trip would last approximately 2 hours.

Minibus Express

Services from Minibus Express focus their travel between Auckland and Hamilton especially when needing to go the airports of either places. They offer reliable door-to-door transport service and serve from all the hotels in Hamilton area. Their shuttle buses can fit up to 18 people. Although their destination focus on the airports, they may opt to choose to charter a bus to different destinations in either Auckland or Hamilton. Passengers may check their prices readily available on their website. More specific inquiries can be made through their phone service as well.