New Zealand was definitely gifted with a lot of amazing tourist spots scattered throughout the country. From the beautiful Bay of Islands up in the north, to the Fiordland National Park in the south and everything in between can all be traveled by just commuting by buses. That said, one popular bus company that allows tourists and the people of New Zealand to travel to different cities for whatever reason, is aptly called InterCity.

InterCity has been the main bus service in New Zealand that can pretty much bring their passengers anywhere. They offer multiple bus routes to move from the north (Cape Reinga) to the south (Invercargill). The company even offers a $1 fare on their bus tickets which many people look forward to booking.

$1 fare

Passengers interested in getting these low $1 fares will need to expect competition. Thus, booking their tickets in advance is the best option to avail these low fare tickets as they will obviously be sold out very quickly. Fortunately, InterCity publishes their timetables a year advanced. People can then check out that timetable to schedule their trips and look for that $1 fare. Note, however, as these are highly contested tickets, it is always best to book trips months before.

InterCity’s Services

  • TravelPass

InterCity offers a somewhat tour package for tourists and people in general. With their travel pass, people can enjoy traveling through New Zealand like a local with their pre-planned itineraries to get the most experience of the country. These itineraries are flexible and customized depending on the passenger’s budget and time. It is valid for 12 months and can be managed online whenever needed.

  • InterCity Gold

For those with a just a bit more budget to spare, they can opt to choose InterCity’s new bus, Gold. Unlike their regular buses, these Gold buses offer reclining seats with USB charging ports. Wi-Fi is even provided for free. As a new service, the Gold bus is only available to some routes.